Places API


A collection of services to translate coordinates into addresses and augment routes with illustrative descriptions and other media

Address lookup & Precise POI Search

The Bareways Places API bundles geo-coding features for address lookup and reverse geo-coding with convenicence functions such as search-as-you-type, multilingual search, location bias, typo tolerance, and filtering options.

Benefit from a highly performance-optimized database backend utilizing Elasticsearch and hierarchical data structures such as H3 grids to retrieve and aggregate places and point of interest data.

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Redefining Location Intelligence

Our open architecture allows to inject 3rd party geolocations to let our customers promote their flagship stores, certified dealers and approved garages, compatible electric charging stations, brand events or partnerships with local business.

Elevate Your Journey with the Bareways geo-Data warehouse

The Bareways Places API combines, unifies and validates open data sources such as the OpenStreetMap, Wikidata, Wikipedia, and proprietary data from government agencies to deliver comprehensive travel insights.

The clear, concise and specific categorization schema with hundreds of subcategories allows to distinguish natural and man-made places, amenity points, and touristic attractions, viewpoints and historic sites.

With links to the original data sources, information flows can easily be traced back to their origin such as in the global map of geo-located Wikipedia entries below.

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Integrated for Efficient deployment

Places from the Bareways Places API are rendered automatically with their most important features into the Bareways Basemap to allow visualization of nearby points of interest on the map. Developers may adjust the map style to define which points of interest to show at which zoom levels and which supplementary information might be relevant to the user. Thus, the most relevant information for each point of interest is already available in the map tiles, and clicking on the map allows one to explore details without requesting the Bareways Places API.

Exciting Routes

Create smart travel experiences by injecting preferred sites into the Bareways Directions API. Discover exciting spots with smart hierarchical clustering methods identifying popular landmarks, viewpoints and photo spots, all backed by our intelligent popularity ranking based on millions of user-created content items.

The Bareways Places API provides advanced features to return points of interest in the vicinity of a route. Users may select such points of interest explicitly as intermediate waypoints or the interface may just highlight them for an immersive travel experience.