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Meet the Team


Moritz von Grotthuss


Sascha Klement

elliott2 wk 1

Feelgood Manager

Lisa2 wk

Lisa Pawlows
Head of Data Engineering

Konrad2 wk

Konrad Tuschy
Head of UX/UI

Flo2 wk

Florian Hartmann
Head of Software Development

Johanna2 wk

Johanna Awada
Senior Software Engineer

Stefan3 wk

Stefan Matlage
Senior Software Engineer

Stine3 wk

Stine Löding
Software Engineer

Philipp1 wk

Philipp Adis
Software Engineer

Jess2 wk

Jessica Dobrig
Marketing Manager


Vincent Fanke
Software Engineer


Mir Rahaman
Software Engineer

Thore web

Thore Kausch
Software Engineer

Zahra 300 1

Zahra Zaredar
Software Engineer

want to be part of the team?

Join us at Bareways to shape the future of mapping, navigation and AI-powered travel experiences. Embrace cutting-edge innovation, deep-tech challenges and endless opportunities to learn and grow with a team that blends productivity with a good dose of fun.


The idea behind bareways

The idea was born when Bareways’ CEO Moritz got stuck unexpectedly with his car on a steep road in the Thuringian Forest after a sudden snowfall and wondered why there was no app to warn him sufficiently in advance. We are surrounded by systems claiming to be smart or even intelligent but yet, they don’t benefit from each other – navigation systems don’t know weather forecasts, there is no common interface between vehicles to share sensor data, and manually gathering all the relevant data to prepare a trip is a job for experts. So the idea for a data-driven routing and navigation service, that automatically combines all relevant data, such as weather, terrain and surface conditions into account, was born.

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We love our Team

As a team, we’re not just embracing challenges with seriousness and innovation – we thrive to create a dynamic and engaging work environment.

Mobile working and flexible working hours are guaranteed. Our office isn’t just a workplace – it’s a hub for creativity, collaboration, and good times. Our vibrant company life includes weekly team breakfasts (including an adventure movie), sprint planning pizza lunches, team events like our famous Halloween parties, BBQs and other outings. We take team spirit to the next level with trivia, movie & game nights, and parties that bring our team even closer.

our location has it’s perks

Situated on a tech campus, our office bears a fantastic perk – a spacious park right outside our doors. It’s the perfect setting for lunch breaks, sports activities, and BBQ sessions.


Diversity & Inclusivity

At Bareways we are committed to creating a safe and open environment where every voice matters. Be part of a team that knows that innovation can only exist with a diverse, international, open mindset.

Proud Moments

Awards KfW Award
Awards INNOspace Masters
Awards Existenzgrunderpreis der Lubecker Wirtschaft

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