Mobile SDK

Mobile SDKs

Developer-friendly SDKs to build & integrate intuitive mobility applications with maps, places & routing

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Seamless Mobile App Experience

Distribute mobile apps for Android and iOS with the Bareways Navigation SDKs to bundle maps, routing and turn-by-turn navigation in a single consistent application. Enable your community to create and share routes, feedback and travel experiences.

Compatibility with Android Auto and Apple CarPlay ensures a seamless experience across devices.

The SDKs come with situation-aware re-routing modes to anticipate the user’s intentions when missing a motorway exit by mistake, avoiding a blocked road, or voluntarily taking an alternative route.

Brand-Specific Visuals

Style all components according to your corporate identity with customizable panels and widgets or just pick from the preconfigured white-labelled components to ease integration.

Our platform offers extensive customization options, allowing you to design the screen layout and overall look & feel to align perfectly with your brand guidelines. From color schemes to logo placement, every detail can be adjusted to reflect your brand’s identity.

Together with a unique map style built with the Bareways Map Style Portal your application will stand out as a unique experience.

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Precise Navigation

Clear, multilingual audio instructions that guide you through maneuvers, points of interest, and remarkable route sections, ensuring an enriched experience every step of the way, while visualizing your location, directions, and trip progress with intuitive visuals. 

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